We are approaching the end—only one episode away from the last of the season—and appropriately this week was all about endings for the girls. The tension between Marnie and Hannah that has been building since the diary debacle finally combusts, and the question seems to be whether they have any common ground left. Meanwhile Jessa faces a ghost of mishaps past, and Shoshanna presses onwards seeking the end of her virginity. Below, our recaps by character.
MARNIE Marnie has pulled out of her depression but is still a simmering pot of post-breakup rage. Her life isn’t the way she pictured yet, and Hannah’s absorption in her relationship leaves their dynamic strained. The fact that she is supporting Hannah financially makes it even easier for her to channel her anger in that direction. Marnie lets her frustration fester, until finally releasing it, right when Hannah’s self esteem is lowest.  She has shown her bitchy side often but she outdoes herself during this fight, snarking about Hannah’s weight, and complaining about everything she does wrong from how she “pushes everyone” to how she always eats Marnie’s yoghurt Hannah notes that perhaps part of Marnie’s problem is that she wishes Hannah were more successful like Tally, giving Marnie something to brag about. She thinks Marnie’s life’s ambition is to have “a boyfriend with a luxury rental” and she isn’t that far off. Marnie doesn’t have direction herself, and thinks “being around people who know what they want” will lead to her knowing what she wants. She thinks she loves Hannah better than anyone but their priorities have grown so increasingly different that it is no surprise that they find themselves at an impasse. There wasn’t much to love about Marnie during this fight, and if we’re honest there hasn’t been much to love about her all season. The fight ends with the classic “GREAT!” – “FINE!” – “ALRIGHT THEN!” exchange, and Marnie gets what she thinks she wants, freedom from Hannah. The trouble is we aren’t sure if there is anyone else who will put up with her. Without a “weirdo” for a best friend Marnie may become the worst version of her uptight, priggish, social-climbing self.