girls-season-three-premiere-lena-dunhamThe cast of GIRLS. Photo courtesy of Getty.

Ready for another exciting season with Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna? The cast of
GIRLS is back for Season 3, premiering Sunday, January 12th on HBO. So many questions: Will Hannah
find true love? Is Shoshanna up for
exploring her sexual fantasies? Will Marnie ever
land her dream job? Could
Victoria Beckham be featured as a guest star? Tune in this Sunday to find out. (We know we will!) Don’t miss a beat in Season 3 and relive the memories of Season 1 and 2 with our full 
GIRLS recaps.
GIRLS recap: Season 2, season finale: “You spent a lot of time as a kid inventing reasons not to go to school, and dammit if that hasn’t lasted well into your adult life.”
GIRLS recap: Season 2, Episode 9: “He has the face of an old-timey criminal!”
GIRLS recap: Season 2, Episode 8: “Hannah that’s ridiculous, you’re not anorexic. I’ve seen you in a bathing suit.”
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