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petalsnstemsMid-week loveliness, courtesy of Petals & Stems. (Image via Instagram.com/ellecanada)

Welcome to a special edition of #flowermonday…on a Wednesday. (We’re crazy like that). This week’s mega-romantic, "vintage luxury" blooms are from Julie Greco at
Petals & Stems, a floral design company based out of Toronto. If you want to hear an inspiring story of how getting fired turned out to be the best thing that ever happened…read on!

How did you end up in the world of flowers? My life-long love affair with flowers came to a head as the company I worked for closed down and I was forced to re-evaluate my life. Having achieved success in my current career path, it was only natural to go through the motions of assembling an up-to-date resume and perusing the usual sites. However, my job searches often drifted into hours of researching the world of flowers and their role in life’s most important occasions. My living room soon became the studio, and I created unique arrangements for my friends and family at every opportunity.  I must give kudos to my fiancé as he was the first one to genuinely encourage me to pursue this passion and turn a hobby into a thriving venture. I’ve never shied away from a challenge and was not about to start now. This July,
Petals & Stems turns one year young…currently the sky is the limit! Our workshop is always open for consultation, by appointment only.
What was the inspiration for this arrangement? This weather has definitely had something to do with this arrangement. The soft bursts of yellow, and fine hues of the Carpe Diem roses totally made me think of summer days turning into the early summer mornings…oh those endless summer nights!
What’s your favourite flower? Juliette Garden Roses will be the death of me. So romantic and absolutely gorg! A bouquet of these puppies make me giddy from head to toe!
What floristry trend are you loving right now? As a bespoke, self-taught floral artist I’m loving the fact that "no rules apply", and that creativity has taken the front seat on floral design. The whimsical, foraged look is amazing right now.
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