east of eliza flowermonday

A riot of autumnal gorgeousness, courtesy of East of Eliza. 

This #flowermonday arrangement from Toronto florist
East of Eliza is like a whole little world contained in (a very beautiful) claw-footed vase: From the last-whiff-of-summer roses to the adorable little bird’s nest, you could spend hours staring at it and still not quite see everything. As Reed Russell, the floral designer behind this creation describes it: "My inspiration for this arrangement is that moment in fall when the initial blaze of changing colours has seemingly halted. We have some ‘close to frost’ nights and then there are some smoky muted tones showing in the scarlets and goldens, and a subtle burnished plum creeps in." Read on to find out what she loves about fall, why she doesn’t have a favourite flower, and why you have to be brave to give a florist flowers!