Is Emma Watson dating Prince Harry?!!

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Hang onto your crowns, people: Could Hollywood royalty be romancing with a real-life Prince? There’s a rumour around town (whispered by Aussie tabloid
Woman’s Day) that
Emma Watson and a certain redheaded royal have been getting cosy at Kensington Palace, canoodling on the Queen’s throne, taking long walks along the parapets of Windsor Castle, etc etc etc. Could this actually be true?
In your dreams,
Prince Harry. Despite the rag’s "exclusive" story that the pair are dating, we’re calling "dude, she’s way out of your league" on this one.
Woman’s Day (which has a history of "creative" journalism) goes on to say that the two have apparently hung out in a group. Prince Harry did the inviting, in case you’re wondering, and arranged a small party so Em wouldn’t feel "put on the spot". The most likely-to-be accurate part of the story? Prince Harry is reportedly "smitten" with Emma. (Us too, Haz, us too).
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