Kelly Clarkson is having another baby!
So, that just kind of slipped out: This former American Idol accidentally blurted out that she was pregnant at a show in Cali last night. Find out what caused the 33 year-old to spill the beans here.

2014 was a VERY good year for J-Law
The annual listing of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses is out, and you’ll be happy to know our universal bestie, Jennifer Lawrence, came out on top, banking an impressive $52 mill pre-tax last year. Less impressive? She still makes $30 million less than the best paid man in Tinseltown (that would be Robert Downey Junior). 

Netflix are betting big on a show about the Queen
With all the pomp and circumstance worthy of its royal subject, Netflix announced today that it would be making a 60 episode, 6 season epic about Elizabeth II. It’s apparently going to cost $156 million, and stars the (amazing) Claire Foy. If they’re looking for costume inspo, we have a few suggestions of Liz’s best looks here

Chris Hemsworth is learning Spanish
…so he can understand his Madrid born wife when she yells at him! The Aussie star told Ok! Magazine ‘My Spanish is so horrible I can’t understand when she’s angry with me.’  That seems like an excellent strategy for staying out of the ever growing list of celeb couples claimed by The Summer of the Hollywood Breakup

Libras: This Friday night could get weird
People of the scale, your horoscope explicitly advises: “Remember, friends don’t let friends drive naked.” Do with that what you will. Other signs? See how your night will go here.


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