Beyoncé is reaching for the sky – literally.
Beyoncé’s #flawlessness has reached a new height. After watching the video “Beyonce’s Ghost”, the architects at Elenberg Fraser were so inspired they designed a 78-storey tower in homage to her silhouette. The skyscraper, which will be built in Melbourne Australia, is a mix of apartments, shops and hotel rooms. The term Queen B has never felt so à propos. Read more.

Lily-Rose Depp is officially an It-girl
Our infatuation with LiRo was kicked up a notch after her appearance at Chanel’s Haute Couture spectacle as one of the celebrity gamblers playing at Karl’s Casino de Chanel. Of course, don’t expect to see her in Monte Carlo any time soon; the blossoming fashion star is only 16. Read more

Stuck in a rut?
There’s a whole lot of cosmic motion going on today. Cancer signs might want to resist the urge to make some waves. But what about the rest of us? Is now the time to make some changes? Want your detailed horoscope? Read more

Fashion moves
After seeing the Design Exchange’s new exhibit, “Smarter. Faster. Tougher.” you’ll want to upgrade your gym gear. The show, which is at the Distillery District in Toronto, explores what happens when you merge tech, fashion and culture. Imagine 3-D bikinis, shirts with built-in heart monitors and shark-resistant wetsuits. (Check out the “bruise suit”, which contains pressurized film that alerts paraplegic athletes if they become injured.) Read more.

Couture gone wild
If you need a moment of inspired fashion escape this morning, check out John Galliano’s second collection under Maison Margiela. The designer channeled Artisanal Artistry, with pulled-apart tapestry, logic-defying geometric shoes and a bride Galliano himself dubbed “Mme le Pidgeon.” Read More.

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