Elena Lenina strikes again on Cannes red carpet

May 15 2014 by
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Opening Ceremony & "Grace Of Monaco" Premiere - The 67th Annual Cannes Film FestivalAwe-inspiring. (All images courtesy of Getty)

red carpet for the opening night at Cannes was going swimmingly – Nicole Kidman swanned past like a glamorous sea-creature in Armani Prive, Blake Lively pausing for cameras like a bronzed goddess beamed down to earth in maroon Gucci – and then Elena Lenina happened.
As you can no doubt tell from the picture above, Lenina, a Russian actress / businesswoman / hard-to-figure-out-exactly-what-it-is-she-does, beats to a different fashion drum. Despite registering way right on the Ridiculous Scale, there’s something awe-inspiring about Lenina’s updo – if only from an engineering how-are-those-curls-holding-up-that-crown-right-now perspective. And somewhere, in a land beyond time, all the Disney princesses are applauding that dress. It’s also not the first time Lenina has brought this crazy fashion game to the Cannes carpet. I’ll close with some of her previous outings for your inspiration.
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