Eric Omores, part-owner of the global lifestyle brand Nikki Beach, has traveled the world hosting parties for some of Tinseltown’s biggest A-listers. Whether he’s opening a club with Sean Penn, or partying with Bono St. Tropez-style, Omores  has taken over the Park Hyatt for TIFF this year where he and his team will host exclusive gift lounges, parties and celebrity-fueled events. Lucky for us, he’s blogging all about it. Check out his daily posts here!


Day One
After seven years of setting up shop at the Cannes and Venice film festivals, it is with great pleasure that our Nikki Beach family has decided to expand our special events division to another location, the Toronto International Film Festival. We had been scouting Toronto for awhile, and it was time to pull the trigger with one of the most notorious spots, The Park Hyatt Roof Top. We flew in our entire staff from St Tropez, including the chef, the 2 resident DJs, the bouncer, the hostess, our entire management team, etc. It took us two days to transform the space into the Nikki Beach signature style of flowing white curtains, white tufted leather furniture, a 50,000 dollar round white signature Hastens bed and white lacquer bamboo set in white sandboxes. We have our good sponsors over at Samsung, Audi, Diet Coke, Benson & Hedges, Marc Jacobs Fragrances, Calvin Klein Fragrances, Slava Vodka and Evian to thank for helping us put this together. Kick-off Wednesday night with our resident Nikki Beach St Tropez DJ Adriano proved that all of the hard work paid off. The place had a nice blend of guests which turned the venue into a true Nikki Beach atmosphere.

View a slide show of all the behind the scenes photos here!


Day Two

As the second day of the festival ended, I can see that Nikki Beach has been getting a great round of buzz. We were honored to entertain the press junkets for Creation, with Jennifer Connoly and Paul Bettany, as well as press interviews with Ewan McGregor & Jeff Bridges (The Men Who Stare At Goats,) and Jennifer’s Body with Diablo Cody, Megan Fox, Adam Brody, Amanda Seyfried and Johnny Simmons. Our chef that we flew over from St Tropez, Antoine Fouchard, created gourmet delicacies for the stars while we made their stay as comfortable as possible. As day turned to night, the Humane Society hosted a cocktail party with Twilight’s Rachelle Leferve and Mena Suvari, amongst other notables. Our chef created a vegan menu for the party including gourmet hummus & pita chips and gazpacho. As the after party fete began, Nikki Beach was packed with a giant line out the door of our target customers, but in the spirit of Nikki Beach, we can not divulge the celebrities that attended our venue during this time of day! To add to the festivities, the girls from Marc Jacobs Fragrances handed out a mixture of jellybeans that had the same essence that you could find in the designer’s new perfume.

View a slide show of all the behind the scenes photos here!

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Day three

After handling the press junkets for Solitary Man with Michael Douglas and The Road with Viggo Mortensen, we had to set up for our next big night. The AMC cocktail hour provide a nice beginning to what was a great night.  Sponsor Slava Ulta Premium Vodka threw a tasting party, enhancing Nikki Beach’s white décor with crystallized touches including servers who were dressed in custom designed dresses made from a clear and shiny material. As evening turned to night, Marco, our bouncer that we flew in from St Tropez, kept the room at a perfect level of guests until 4am.

View a slide show of all the behind the scenes photos here!


Day four

Nikki Beach was in full mode last night. After hosting a press junket for the cast of Whip It! including Juliette Lewis, Eve and Marcia Gay Harden, and a press conference for the Abu Dhabi Film Commission, Nikki Beach held a gala for the Commission. Hosted by His Excellency Mohammed Khalef Al-Mazrouei, guests intermingled, dining on appetizers and sipping champagne. Our sponsor Samsung set up activation sites where guests could make free phone calls during the event with their Reclaim phone, the first eco-friendly phone.

View a slide show of all the behind the scenes photos here!

View a slide show of all the behind the scenes photos here!

Day five

After waking up from an intense night of parties at Nikki Beach the night before, we begin set up of our next junket for “Leaves of Grass,” with Edward Norton and Keri Russell. Serving a variety of appetizers including shrimp cocktail shots, salmon tartar rolls and beef skewers with satay peanut sauce, the Nikki Beach staff created a secure and relaxing setting for the cast and crew. As the day turned to night, the girls from Toni & Guy set up a hair and makeup station for touchups, care of our sponsor Diet Coke, in the ladies powder room.

View a slide show of all the behind the scenes photos here!


Day six

After hosting the press junket for “Bad Lieutenant” with Nicolas Cage, Nikki Beach began setting up for our party night. Helmed by our management team from St Tropez, Eva, Frederic, Mathieu and Jean-Philippe, Nikki Beach began its show. We had the privilege to host several A-listers at night, and the party went into the night in classic Nikki Beach fashion.

View a slide show of all the behind the scenes photos here!

View a slide show of all the behind the scenes photos here!