The literary event of the summer is almost upon us, and you couldn’t keep us away from it even if you tied us up with a grey silk tie. (Actually you could.) Restrain your excitement (after asking its consent, of course), EL James fans: There’s going to be a new installment in the series…and its told from the perspective of the 50-shades-of-effed-up man himself.

Authoress and multi-gajillionaire E.L. James Instagrammed a shot of the cover of “Grey” this morning, adding that it’s a story told from Christian Grey’s perspective, and is timed to come out on his birthday. It looks like it’ll finally be our entree into the mind of the man who stole Anastasia Steele’s heart (and three hours of our lives we’ll never get back). 

We’ll finally get to the bottom of so many mysteries: Where DID he source that helium helicopter balloon? How many tester swatches did he go through to find the right shade of red for The Playroom? And most importantly…does his inner goddess dance the hula too? 

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