There’s happy news for the Elle Woods of the world. Science has proven that the dumb blond estereotype is just that – a stereotype. Researchers at Ohio State University analyzed the IQs of 10,878 Americans. They found that natural blondes had an average IQ score within three points of brunettes, redheads and people with black hair. Take that, Warner!

Dark chocolate can improve endurance
File this under “miracle.” There’s new research that suggesting eating dark chocolate can boost the stamina of professional athletes. That’s because dark chocolate, cocoa specifically, contains epicatechin, a plant nutrient that encourages the release of nitric oxide in cells near blood vessels. That means more blood flow (yay!) and more blood sugar in muscle cells, which equals more energy. And all it takes is about a square-and-a-half of dark chocolate a day. The only problem: not eating the whole bar.

Drink up!
As if you needed another reason to drink more water. Turns out increasing the amount of H20 you chug a day can reduce how much you eat. You’re also more likely to skip out on the burger and fries and ice cream. The reasons are TBD, but excuse us as we head to the kitchen to refill our water bottle ASAP.

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