Merry Christmas from the Cambridges!

As per royal tradition, Will, Kate, George and Charlotte released their annual holiday family portrait this morning. What it lacks in festive cheer (the tonal palette is v. Blue Christmas) it makes up for in Prince George, who as usual, is doing his own thing—we see that half-off shoe, and we salute it—while the rest of the family smile the grim cyborg-esque grins of people who are on their 57th take. You’ll probably also notice immediately that this is an older image. The palace does say that it was taken “earlier this year”, hence the lack of bump under Kate’s peplum.


Photo credit: Chris Jack (Courtesy of Kensington Palace)

In related news, Kensington Palace also released some Charlotte related news. She will be heading off to “nursery” (a.k.a. our kindergarten) in January. She will be attending a different school than George, mostly because the family has relocated from the country to London.