Meghan Markle continues to love a Canadian coat

Jan 09 2018 by
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Meghan Markle brought along her fiance for a trip to a radio station in Brixton in London today, and true to form, she wore Canadian.



For her second “official” appearance as a semi-official royal, the former Torontonian kept her adopted city close, picking local brand Smythe for her grey overcoat. This isn’t the brand’s first royal rodeo: Kate Middleton actually loves one of their signature blazers so much they’ve renamed the style “The Duchess”.

Otherwise, however, the outfit was British all the way: Burberry wide-legged “trousers”, national icon Marks & Spencer “jumper” and a scarf by Jigsaw, an upper high street chain.



Meghan looked visibly moved at the crowd gathered outside the station (wouldn’t you if you saw people with posters saying how much they heart you?). Inside, she and Harry spent the morning learning about the work done by Reprezent, a charity aimed at giving young people the skills to make an impact in the media.



Categories: Celebrity