Not sure what you’re up to this Tuesday night, but Kate Middleton’s got a new dress (or one she bought ages ago and finally has a chance to wear, who knows) and she’s taking it for a spin. 

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a green lace Temperley gown to the National Portrait Gallery’s annual gala night, signalling to anyone who was wondering that a) she still loves this excellent Brit brand for evening and b) lace as a trend isn’t going anywhere. 



For those watching extra closely, Kate also had on a new bit of jewellery: Some rather chunky Kiki McDonough earrings, which in an exciting change for the Duchess did not match her green dress, and were red instead. That’s the opposite side of the colour wheel!

If you like the look of Kate’s new dress, it’s the “Cleo” gown, a style the brand has been making for several years in various colours.