It looks like even being a member of the (extended) royal family won’t keep you safe from The Year Love Died: James Middleton and his long-time girlfriend are over!

Kate’s little brother (who also owns a marshmallow business, as you’ll recall) and his lady friend of two years Donna Air have called it quits. James and the model / TV presenter (who’s also almost a decade his senior) were last spotted together at Wimbledon. 

Sources say this break up has been on the cards for a while (apparently it all started to unravel on a Middleton family vacay to St Bart’s earlier this year), mostly because Donna wants more kids (she has a 12 year old), and 28 year-old James isn’t quite there yet. Also, Pippa and Carole never liked her.

Good thing she wasn’t in any of those official royal family portraits taken at the christening, right? 


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