As we wait for news of her name (please, please, please be Alice Carol Diana…we had like, $5 on that in the office pool), let’s all take a deep breath, stop our happy crying for a minute, and break down everything we know about the little Princess of Cambridge so far:

8lbs, 3 oz: That’s how much the Princess weighed at birth. May she never have to have her weight displayed on a giant board in a public place ever again! 

37,000 (and counting): That’s the number of times the official “it’s a girl!” announcement by Kensington Palace was re-tweeted

8:34 BST: That’s the exact moment of the little Princess’ birth (proceed to horoscope away)

6:00 BST: The time the Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to the hospital after arriving there with William by car.

2 hours and 34 minutes: That’s how much time Kate was in labour at the hospital.

5/2: Those are the betting odds for the current favourite name “Charlotte”, although another firm has the top pick as “Alice”

May 2: That’s the baby girl’s official birthdate, which makes her a Taurus, just liker her grand-mummy Queen E!

4,500 tweets a minute: That’s the flurry of social media flurry at the peak of the royal baby hashtag.  


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