They only announced their engagement yesterday (and were actually engaged just a few weeks before that) but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have already set a date. They even have a venue!

While most people have to plan their big days two years in advance because all the good places / days are booked, there are moments when it pays to be able to pull a few royal strings—which is how the pair are pulling off a royal wedding in under six months.

Kensington Palace announced today that the wedding will take place next May at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle (so not the massive venue Will and Kate used at Westminster Abbey).

They also noted that Meghan will be baptised and confirmed into the Anglican Church before the wedding (she attending Catholic school, so we’re assuming that was what she identified as before) and will also become a British citizen.

Oh, and the royal family made it very clear that they, and not the taxpayer, will be footing the bill for the entire shabang. That said, it’s not a closed, private affair. They say they want it to be “fun and joyful” and will involve the public.