If those first bars of the Downton Abbey theme gives you chills down your spine (you know, the part with Isis and then the doors open? Every. Time), we’ve got some exciting news for you: There’s a very strong possibility a musical adaptation of the hit PBS show could be coming to a stage near you!

So will it be Carson confessing his love for Mrs Hughes in a plaintive tenor beneath the stairs? Or a Chicago-esque 50 people on stage dance number for Rose’s London adventures? Not quite. 

The composer on the show (the man responsible for that wonderful theme) John Lunn, let slip that he and the show’s creator, Julian Fellowes, had discussed doing a sort of “showcase” of Downton’s greatest hits, with some of the key actors doing readings. (So no jazz hands for Mr Bates then)

It’s not confirmed yet, but it sounds the sort of wonderfully civilized outing we’ll be in desperate need of when the show goes off the air at the end of this season.