Rumour has it Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian are dating, and JBieb’s latest Insta—see above—just added fuel to an already fascinating bit of a celeb gossip.

If it does turn out that the pair—he 21, she 36, both fresh out of complicated romantic entanglements themselves (hi Selena and Scott)—then hey, more power to the both of them.

But something about the whole thing—and this picture in particular, which we assume is meant to make us think that it’s Kourtney hanging out with Justin and his car—just has a whiff of “ridiculous rumour; Justin’s going to have fun with it” about it. First off, it looks Photoshopped. Second, who’s taking the picture? Three, it’s captioned “Lord knows” which could be a dig at Scott “Lord” Disick, Kourtney’s ex, or just put there to make us think it’s a dig. 

Thoughts? Feelings?


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