Cue the second line, because Serena Williams just married in New Orleans! In fact, an entire block of the Big Easywas  shut down for the celebration last night. The groom was Reddit co-founder Alex Ohanian, and involvement of the couple’s months old daughter is unconfirmed but assumed (Junior junior junior bridesmaid?).

According to The Daily Mail, the fete had a “Beauty and the Beast”-theme (they arrived to the strains of “Be Our Guest”, although the 12 tables were all named for Serena’s Grand Slam wins. And oh, the guests seated at those tables: Beyonce, Anna Wintour, Kim Kardashian, Venus Williams, Ciara have all been papped (in evening gowns) heading into the ceremony. They also all got trophies as wedding favours.

And despite the celeb-filed guest list, this was a strictly “no phones” allowed celebration, and A-lister or not, everyone apparently had to put their devices in sealed baggies for the duration.