Beyonce is designing workout wear

Oct 27 2014 by
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Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime ShowA version of this would be amazing for pilates class. (Image courtesy of Getty) 

Is your jelly ready to surfbort as
Beyonce truly intended? You can now get bootylicious in Queen Bey-approved garb: The mogul is releasing her own line of fitness clothing!
Mrs. Carter is working with Brit brand Topshop to garb the Beyhive in stretchable / breathable fabrics suitable for getting sweaty in. And because this is Beyonce we’re talking about, this is no ordinary celebrity collaboration: This line from a 50/50 joint venture between La Knowles and Topshop, and will actually be its own company, with it’s own management, offices and name. The complete line—shoes, clothes and "ath-leisure" elements—will hit Topshop stores in fall 2015.
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