Best and Worst: Downton Abbey Season 4 Premiere!

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It’s back, it’s back, it’s back! Downton Abbey returned to (North American) television last night with a first episode some might deem slightly-snoozeworthy, but which I felt was the perfect low-key return to the house of Crawley, post the traumatic-Mathew-dead-in-a-car-crash-cliff-hanger end to season 3.
The melodrama begins with beneath the pall of our beloved hero’s death, and the majority of the episode is devoted to seeing how various characters upstairs are coping (or not, in the case of his mother) with the tragedy. Downstairs, the star-crossed Anna and Mr Bates get to be happy for about thirty seconds, Carson’s carnival past returns to haunt him, and poor, pathetic Mr Molesley gets poorer, pathetic-er.
Most Adorable Moment: I’m a sucker for a sailor-suit, and man, the future Earl of Grantham aka the Other Baby George, really rocked one this episode. Also: hellooooo, chauffeur-turned-hot-single-dad Branson!
Chicest Moments: Anytime Lady Mary (and her enviable alabaster complexion) swanned by, looking elegantly grief-stricken in severe, simple black dresses that screamed early-career Coco Chanel.
Oddest Moment: The whole Mathew-didn’t-write-a-will thing. Really? Goldilocks was a lawyer, people, not to mention the sort of reliable citizen who’s probably been on top of his estate planning since he got his first pocket money.
Plotline Most Looking Forward To: Please, please let this be Lady Edith’s year! The most-maligned of the Crawley sisters might actually be the cool one this season – taking on London-town with a new man and a new wardrobe – and I for one am actually wishing her the best (but not holding my breath).
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