Happy Bachelor roundup day! Monday’s episode followed a bonus Sunday reunion episode (I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch it), which culminated in the wedding of Jade and Tanner (of Bachelor in Paradise fame).

Will Ben be so lucky when it comes to finding true love? Last week, he wasn’t too sure. (The swimming with pigs may have played into it.) Herewith, the major revelations from this week’s episode:

Wait, it’s almost time for hometowns???? Wha??? Where are all the dates on random gorgeous beach? There are just six women left? How did this happen? Did I fall asleep? Yes.

Ben’s hometown is as thrilling as he is. (We kid, we kid, kinda). But his bond with his parents is adorbs. See how excited his mom was when she saw him? And vice versa. We love a man who hearts his mom.

Ben may actually be a character in a teen movie. He was the quarterback of his high school team. He drives a boat around town (like Dawson!). And had his first kiss at the movie theatre in Grade 7. Oh, and he was a youth counselor.

Lauren B. and Ben sitting in a tree. They wore matching leather jackets and blue jeans on their date (Danny Zuko would approve.) And did you see how he looked at her when driving in the Model T? Also, this gem from Lauren. “After today I learned I am not in love with Ben the Bachelor, I am in love with Ben from Warsaw, Indiana.” Melting.

Baseball makes for a good date and lots of fun clichés.
Ben and JoJo’s baseball date in Chi-town sure was a homerun! She really hit it out of the park with him. Seriously, though, we love how goofy they are with each other. But urgh, stop with the “scared” about love stuff. Things to be scared of: spiders, death, plague, etc.

Group dates = Bachelor reality. From last week’s hot dog/pigs date and now this week’s three-on-one, the women were really whiney when it came to group dates. “I’m sooooo over them,” said sex panther Caila. GUYS: you signed up for this.

Ben may be more serious about Emily than we thought? Oh wait, he isn’t. He took her home to meet his mom and dad. But, then she admitted she wants to be an NFL cheerleader. And that she’s very young. And doesn’t like vegetables. The last fact was too much for Ben, who said goodbye on the dock and went home to eat some broccoli.

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