Did you know that harmful UV rays can reach our skin no matter the weather? In fact, we should wear sun protection year-round, no matter our age or skin tone. In the words of La Roche-Posay: Every day is a sunscreen day.

Through both rain and shine, four members of our team with different skin types, tones and concerns updated their suncare routine by testing out La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios Ultra Fluid SPF 50+ (Face) and Anthelios Lotion SPF 60 (Face and Body).

Anthelios is a dermatologist-recommended line of sun-protection products that are suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive ones. The products we tested are recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association; they are not only effective but also fragrance-free, non-comedogenic and gentle enough to not be irritating.

Read on to find out how it went…

Sophie Banford, executive director & publisher

Dry skin with brown spots

I wear sunscreen when I’m running outside or skiing, but on the daily, if I’m working in the office, I don’t.

This was my first time using the Anthelios range, and I loved how quickly the cream penetrated my skin without leaving an oily film. The texture is very pleasant, and since it’s fragrance-free, there’s no overpowering scent. I didn’t apply moisturizer underneath and found that my skin still looked well hydrated. And the applicator of the Anthelios SPF 50+ Ultra Fluid Face lotion feels nice to handle.

I worked in the yard on a sunny day, and my skin was super well protected—no sunburn at all 🙂


Erica Ngao, fashion writer

Sensitive combination skin that’s acne-prone

The benefits of the formulas are impressive! I liked how the Anthelios Ultra Fluid SPF 50+ Face sunscreen promised no eye migration and 80 minutes of water and sweat resistance. Since I often participate in water sports in the summer, these are important properties for any sunscreen I use. 

After a trial of both sunscreens, I can see these products becoming a regular part of my summer skincare routine. The super-light texture of the SPF 50+ Ultra Fluid Face made it a breeze to apply every day. I also noticed fewer adverse reactions, such as clogged pores or irritation, which I often have with sunscreens.

On more active days, Anthelios Lotion SPF 60 (Face and Body)’s fast-absorbing formula felt comfortable to reapply. Overall, the high level of SPF and broad-spectrum protection made me feel confident that my skin was adequately protected from the sun. 

Julie Mathieu, digital content manager, VÉRO

Sensitive skin

My pale skin has become increasingly fragile over the years. It doesn’t tolerate UV rays, easily gets dehydrated in the heat and gets covered with little freckles as the summer goes on.

Although I knew about La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios range, this was my first time trying it out. That being said, I was well aware of the brand’s stellar reputation when it comes to sensitive-skin care.

The Ultra Fluid Face lotion has an SPF of 50, and it’s hard to believe that so much protection is hidden in this super-light formula! It worked well with my morning beauty routine. I applied it after my serum and eye-contour care and then proceeded with my makeup. There was no pilling, and the big plus for me was that my skin could breathe. 

As for the Anthelios Lotion SPF 60 (Face and Body), it absorbs almost instantly, leaving a matte finish on the skin. And since it’s fragrance-free, it’s an ideal formula for work days—no risk of smelling like coconut in the office!

Élodie Parthenay, journalist & project manager

Oily, reactive skin

I wear sunscreen on my face every day, year-round, since I’m a fan chemical exfoliators, which make your skin more sensitive to UV rays. 

I first started using Anthelios Ultra Fluid SPF 50+ (Face) on my dermatologist’s recommendation ages ago, and the first thing that won me over was that it doesn’t leave a white cast. (If you have a darker skin tone, you know the struggle!) Instead, it just melts into my skin, leaving my complexion dewy and glowy. Thanks to the oil-free formula, my skin feels hydrated and supple but not greasy.

For this test, I applied it before my other skincare and beauty products, and I’m happy to report that everything stayed in place all day, even through a road trip in the sun!

Anthelios Lotion SPF 60 (Face and Body) has a thicker texture than the almost-liquid face lotion, but it penetrates just as easily—no brute force needed and no white marks left behind. Protecting my tattoos this summer is going to be a breeze!

Anthelios Ultra Fluid SPF 50+ (Face)



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