AnopenlettertoKimPhoto courtesy of @kimkardashian on Instagram

Dear Kim, I feel like I owe you an apology.  I talked a lot of smack behind your back when you were pregnant, for all the crazy outfits you crammed yourself into. (Like
this one. And
this one.) But now that I’m having a baby, I realize how wrong I was to be so snarky. Because being pregnant is hard enough, with the morning sickness, insane hormones, and changing body (not to mention the tiny human you have to grow). I can’t imagine going through it in the public eye. Plus, dressing a bump is hard: everything automatically looks a bit weird, and maternity stores tend to err on the side of polyester. I’ve heard that you and Kanye are trying for baby number 2. Congratulations! This time, I promise to be more sensitive, so that I don’t contribute to the perception that pregnant women’s bodies are fair game to criticize and police. xoxo, Alannah
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