finalmorningmustread7 ways to dress to look slimmer. True story.
[] Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2014 collection with The Skype Collaboration Project. In the video, she also reveals this gem: "I was a Spice Girl, married to a footballer. I was trying to do something that no one had really done before."
Boy Meets World‘s favourite nerdy classmate Stuart Minkus is set to make his return in the upcoming reunion,
Girl Meets World. Minkus, played by Lee Norris, will star alongside Cory Matthews and Topanga (!) when the show airs later this year.
[Entertainment Weekly] LVMH announces the finalists for the Young Designer Prize and two Canadians, Thomas Tait and Chris Gelinas, made the cut.
[] Now you, too, can own some of screen legend Marlene Dietrich’s personal items. Letters written to her from Ernest Hemingway and one of her famous tuxedos are set to go up for auction next week.
[Vogue UK]