finalmorningmustreadIt happened: Gretchen Wieners got hitched this weekend (well the actress who played her, Lacey Chabert). Here’s hoping that at least
someone in attendance wished the couple a beautiful and fetch life together.
[Jezebel] A memory box for you and your significant other? There’s an app for that.
[] Grab your iPhones, get in front of a mirror and start snapping! 2014 kicks off the year of the Selfie Olympics. The rules according to
@SelfieOlympics? You must be in front of a mirror and have a prop. Godspeed.
[Gawker] Speaking of selfies, Meryl Streep is kind of a pro at them.
[Huffington Post] The top 10 beauty moments of 2013, as proclaimed by our beauty director, Vanessa Craft. Side note: anyone who
chopped off their locks last year, you win!