5 biggest shocks of the 2015 Oscar nominations

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"Cake" Los Angeles PremiereNot disappointed at all. No way. (Getty)

Oscar nominations are hot off the presses! And while there were some fairly expected nods—Globes winner Eddie Redmayne’s for best actor, likewise Globe winner
Julianne Moore—there were also some glaring omissions, odd choices, and well…something we’re calling #nomakeupgate. Here are our biggest shocks of the morning:

1. Jennifer Aniston did NOT get nominated There’s a fairly well established rule in Hollywood: When beautiful people go ugly for a role (and in particularl, beautiful women) an Oscar nomination is their sure reward for looking like the rest of us. That is, until now: Jennifer Aniston (who may have genuinely loved the role, been passionate about the project, etc etc etc) went barefaced and schlumpy for her role in
Cake, and for that reason alone, her performance has been buzzed about as a sure-fire Oscar contender ever since TIFF. So when she didn’t get nominated this morning…well, #nomakeupgate.
2. The Grand Budapest Hotel and Birdman were tied for the most nods Hands up if you’ve actually seen either of these movies? Our point exactly. In a year full of heavy-hitting biopics (which the Oscars have historically adored) the Academy gave the most nominations (15, to be precise) to two very quirky, not-exactly-epic flicks.
3. Selma was snubbed for best picture Hear a faint wailing? That’s Oprah crying into Gail’s shoulder. Despite O throwing all of her O-power behind the film about Martin Luther King, the Academy did not nominate either of her stars for best actress and actor (unlike at the Globes), which is just giving her terrible flashbacks to her own personal snub last year for
The Butler. It did, however, get a HUGE nod for best picture, so all is not lost.
4. Steve Carell for best actor It’s not that Steve’s performance as a crazy billionaire wasn’t amazing or deserving, it’s just that it still seems so bizarre that Michael Scott from
The Office is getting lauded as a like, serious, actor.
5. The Lego Movie got robbed The greatest shock of them all: The most awesome movie of the year was left out of the "best animated" category (let’s not even talk about the omission from Best Picture), and instead the spots were given to movies like "Song of the Sea" and "The Tale of Princess Kaguya". Colour us utterly appalled.
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