Prince George just did the cutest thing

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Christmas Photographs Of Prince GeorgeProfessional cutie pie. (Getty)

This Royal Baby 2.0 is getting way too much attention, so
Prince George had to do something cute, double-quick, to remind us all who the original adorable blue-blood is around here. And by golly, he hit out of the adorable park and somewhere into the outfield behind "awww".
Duchess of Cambridge apparently shared the following story with one "Claudia Gordon", who happened to be at a reception with Kate at the Goring Hotel (most famous for being the night where Kate spent her last night as an unmarried woman), who then
recounted it to a Florida paper: “I asked her if Prince George was excited about the new prince or princess that was coming and she said yes, and that he…is talking and walking." But here’s the important part: “Then she told me that his daddy, Prince William, was visiting China. After hearing this he went to the china cabinet, opened it and proclaimed ‘Daddy is not here.’ ” Bloody brilliant, G.
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