At long last, the Emojis gods have heard our prayers, and given us the iPhone icon we’ve desperately been needing in our lives: (And we’re not talking about the black heart or the clown face, although both are equally neccesary additions). That’s right friends: We’re getting an avocado emoji! You’ll never have to actually spell out what you had on your toast for breakfast/lunch/dinner ever again.

The Unicode Consortium’s emoji subcommitte (we’re not making this up, it’s a real governing body in California that decides what symbols comprise the emoji keyboard) has just announced that they’ll be adding an additional 38 to the current roster. Some of our favourites includes a selfie face, a call me hand, and a croissant (extremely useful). After extensive lobbying from Cara Delevingne, there’s now also a bacon emoji. There’s also something they’re calling “Mother Christmas” which should be useful for all of our convos about Mrs Klaus. 

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