tomfordbetterthanrobfordTom Ford is a handsome devil, right? Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Like just about everyone else in Toronto, the ELLE Canada editors have been glued to the coverage of mayor Rob Ford’s now-legendary meltdown. One thing we can all agree on: it’s very difficult for us in the fashion department not to accidentally mix up the names of famous Ford’s (Rob and Tom). But how different could two people be? Here’s three reasons why we’re fans of Tom over Rob. 1.   Tom Ford knows when to quit. He famously stepped away from Gucci, the fashion house where he made his name, on a high note in 2000. Rob Ford, on the other hand, refuses to even go to rehab after acknowledging that he has smoked crack cocaine. 2.   
Tom Ford makes movies—beautiful, award winning, art pieces that star the likes of Colin Firth and Julianne Moore. Rob Ford stars in movies: the homemade variety, that stars the likes of, uh, crack pipes. 3.    Tom Ford looks magnificent in a velvet suit. Now let’s all just take a second to picture Rob Ford in a velvet suit…
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