At Roland Mouret’s F/W ’16 show, the look was all about beautiful, bushy brows. “We’re doing brushed up brows, very groomed and finished, but it’s definitely not the Insta-brow,” said M.A.C Cosmetics makeup artist Val Garland, referring to the super-perfected brows seen on the social-media platform. “I think there is a certain group of people who want the Insta-brow, and love the Insta-brow, and don’t feel like they’ve got a brow on unless it’s the Insta-brow – and that’s fine! There are other women that just want to look like a better version of themselves. So that is where this comes in.”

To make sure she was staying on the less-is-more side of things, Garland first used a spoolie to brush up brows “to find out what direction [they grow in], how much brow I’ve got and what I need to add.” Next, she combed brow gel through hairs. Only if there were still gaps did she then use a liner to draw on additional strokes of hair. “If the brows are [still] a bit stubborn, I’m taking a brow eye-mixing medium  and pushing that in to make them stay in place,” she explained.


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