Purple rain

Star product Lip pencil

"When you wear darker shades, like purple, the lips should be properly defined," says Paul Venoit, makeup pro for CoverGirl.

Tailor the intensity of the shade to your lips. Deep purple will make a small mouth look even smaller, says Venoit. Not blessed with Angelina-like lips? Venoit suggests a light violet or mauve instead.

Don’t… Overdo the rest of the face. "The skin should be very clean," says Venoit. Brush a bronzed eyeshadow on the lids and lightly sculpt the cheeks for a pulled-together look.

Insider trick
To amp up the look, dab a light-pink gloss in the middle of the lips. "It gives a futuristic finish," says Venoit.

Shelve… Lip stain

"This look is not about staining the lips," says Venoit. "It’s about wearing lipstick." Not feeling as daring? A sheer stain with a pen applicator will define your lips and capture the feel of the trend — without the commitment.


Unskinny bop

Star product Eyebrow pencil

Match it exactly to your eyebrow colour or go one shade darker, says Jane McKay, senior artist for M.A.C, who favours grey-browns because they are universally flattering.

Do… Brush the brow with a lash comb first,  recommends McKay. Then, starting at the inner third of the brow, make short, wisplike strokes with a brow pencil.

Don’t… Forget to step back from your makeup mirror, says McKay. "Balance, proportion and symmetry of the brows are more evident when you inspect your work from a distance."

Insider trick When you’re filling in your brows “make sure that you have light illuminating the front of your face,” says McKay. Lighting from the side or above (such as pot lights) will create shadows.


"The trend is a stronger, fuller brow, so let them fill in," says McKay.


Back to black

Star product Black eye pencil
The look is strong and graphic, so keep it simple, says Chase Aston, international makeup artist and spokesperson for The Body Shop. “It’s an edgy, modernista effect.”

Do… Apply liner all around the eye, from the lashline up to the crease and from the inner corner to just past the outer corner and under­neath the lashes. Blend over the pencil with a matte black eyeshadow to set the liner and ensure it’s smudge-proof.

Don’t… Take the eye colour up above the browbone, says Aston. You want graphic and defined, not smoky and smudged.

Insider trick To fix any goof-ups, dip a cotton bud into concealer or foundation and smooth along the edges.

Shelve… Metallics
Ensure a pared-down look by using matte eye-makeup textures, advises Aston. “Anything shimmery will make it feel like a bad ’80s flashback.”

Touch of grey

Star product Grey-and-silver eyeshadow palette
“This is a modern interpretation of an ’80s smoky eye,” says Angie Semple, education and artistry manager for Dior, who advises grey-brown tones rather than grey-blue.

Do… Use a grey eyeshadow with a satin finish and create an exaggerated crease by blending it up and out toward the outer eye. Place a shimmery silver shadow on the inner corners of the eyes to add that “pop.”

Don’t… Highlight the browbone, says Semple. “Additional light colour will make the look seem dated and take the attention away from the lid/crease contrast.”  

Insider trick Avoid powder “fallout” by applying shadows with a slightly damp brush. Semple recommends running the brush lightly along the back of your hand to make sure it’s not too wet.

Bronze shadows
The look is about icy tones, says Semple. But keep your face bronzer to warm up your complexion and avoid making the look too cool.