Skin care 101

We’re done with winter. You heard us – our skin is tired of the harsh winds, chilly temps and snow leaving us with dry, flaky not-so-glowing skin. It’s time to wash away winter skin woes and think about getting a clear, rosy flush just like we saw on the Blumarine, Derek Lam and Helmut Lang spring runways. With a little guidance from Dermalogica’s Heather Vounnou and COVERGIRL Makeup Pro Greg Wencel, we get the best tips for starting spring off with fresh, glowing, healthy skin.

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Healthy skin: The prep

1. Switch your moisturizer and add SPF

In the winter we tend to build up layers of heavy moisturizer to combat dry skin, explains Heather Vounnou, Training Manager at Dermalogica. With spring approaching, it’s important to swap out your heavier winter cream for a lighter formula since we’re not combatting those harsh conditions. “Light weight moisturizer’s can still protect the skin while continuing to provide optimal levels of hydration and allowing your skin to breathe better,” says Vounnou. Throw in a hydrating mist and an SPF moisturizer to add antioxidants and prevent premature aging−the perfect combo to restore healthy skin.

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2. Use an exfoliating treatment

The most foolproof way to condition lifeless winter skin? Try an at-home exfoliating cleanser. Massage away dead skin cells and rough patches with an intensive exfoliator such as Dermalogica’s Hydro Active Mineral Sea Salts. This ultra-moisturizing formula is infused with kelp, pineapple and papaya to relieve your skin of irritants and induce a warm, youthful glow.

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3. Visit a professional for healthy spring skin

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a trip to your derm to help get your skin back on track. Getting a pro cleaning and treatment can do wonders for dull skin (look for doctors who use hydroxy acids and vitamin A in their treatments). These remedies will unlock pesky dry cells and stimulate your body’s production of collagen to plump up new cells and erase fine lines. Try one of Dermalogica’s exfoliating treatments, double-cleansing technique or deeply calming pressure point massage to protect your skin and revive it for sunny days. “Think of this treatment as the optimal spring clean for your skin,” says Vounnou.

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spring-skin-care-second-page.jpgHealthy skin: The finishing touches with makeup

1. Combine the right ingredients

After pampering your skin with a few treatments, take the rest of your skin care cues from COVERGIRL Makeup Pro Greg Wencel. What’s the key to fresh-looking skin? Wencel says it’s all about the right combination of products−with the ideal ingredients for your skin type−such as COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation. With the combined benefits of foundation, primer and concealer in one, your skin is given a pretty, matte finish while any visible blemishes are diminished to leave you with perfectly flawless spring skin. Bonus: It also saves you time in the morning (and we’re always up for that).


2. Follow spring runway trends

When it comes to Spring 2013, your skin needs to be right on trend with designer runway beauty looks. "Try a pink flushed cheek for an instantly refreshed look. A pink or rosy glow will give a young, playful look while a cream blush will result in a more radiant-looking glow," says Wencel. Get inspired by the blushing beauty looks from Belstaff, Marni and J. Mendel’s spring runway shows and apply a light touch of colour for a gorgeous spring pop.

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3. Skin care secrets

The secret to gorgeous spring skin? Wencel suggests showcasing your skin with the right balance of both moisture and shimmer to help you recover from winter’s damage and give you that sun-kissed look for spring. Apply a product such as COVERGIRL Olay Simply Ageless Serum Primer to the cheekbones, forehead, cupid’s bow and nose using a flat brush to emphasize the ridges of your face for a perfectly framed, beautiful look. “The highlight-effect will help draw light to the highest planes of your face, creating dimension and a luminous-looking glow,” says Greg. What are you waiting for? Prep your skin for the season with these healthy tips for your best spring skin yet!


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