When it comes to skincare options, there’s one—and only one—factor that really matters: effectiveness. Achieving actual, noticeable results often means having targeted treatments like mesotherapy, an aesthetic medical technique that involves injecting the dermis with hydrating vitamins and nutrients. But what if you could get the same skin-rejuvenating results without the downtime and the hefty credit-card bill?

It might sound like a lofty idea, but it’s the very concept behind Laboratoires Filorga, a French beauty brand built on a passion for cell biology and fighting skin aging. After developing injectables that are used by leading specialists around the world, the experts at Filorga focused their know-how on formulating an accessible skincare range using similar complexion-renewing properties.

It’s how the brand’s renowned NCEF Complex (which stands for New Cellular Encapsulated Complex) was conceived and infused in every Filorga product. Packed with 50 restorative ingredients such as skin-filling hyaluronic acid, stimulating coenzymes and free-radical-fighting antioxidants, the NCEF Complex aims to mirror the effectiveness of injectables. According to Dr. Antoni Calmon, a cosmetic doctor and non-invasive-procedure enthusiast based in Paris, the science checks out. “I always advise my clients to use products that are formulated with the same ingredients as the ones used [in mesotherapy],” he says.

Creating an impressive formula was only half the beauty battle though. The reason techniques like mesotherapy are so effective is that they deliver this cocktail of superior ingredients to the skin so successfully. “The needle effraction itself stimulates the fibroblasts, waking up the cells and triggering them to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid,”. The NCEF Complex has the deeply penetrating power of more invasive procedures thanks to chronospheres, multi-layered microscopic vectors that encapsulate the active ingredients and release them gradually over time.

“To extend the benefits or get similar results of mesotherapy, make sure to follow a skincare regimen filled nutrients and anti-oxidants. High concentration products such as serums and concentrates can help provide a boost for healthy, younger looking skin.”, says Calmon.


This exclusive complex is at its highest concentration in Filorga’s NCEF line, and that is especially true for the new NCEF-SHOT Supreme Polyrevitalizing Concentrate. Did you say shot? Yes, just a single dropper contains the ingredient equivalent of one mesotherapy injection. After only 10 days of use twice a day, this intensive formula regenerates skin cells and activates new ones, revealing a brighter complexion, smoothed-out wrinkles and restored firmness and elasticity. Filler-like results without the needles? Filorga’s 10-day skin-boosting concentrate is the pre-holidays regimen you need.