Save the date: South Korean beauty brand Innisfree is officially coming to Canada.

The Amore Pacific-owned brand is opening its first Canadian boutique in Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre on August 30, it was announced this week. The design of the spacious 2,435-square-foot flagship store is inspired by the natural ingredients the company is known for using.

Innisfree is focused on using responsibly-sourced, natural ingredients from Korea’s volcanic Jeju Island for their line of skincare, makeup, body-care, fragrance and hair-care products. The picturesque island’s climate and fertile soil creates ideal conditions for growing a wide array of ingredients, including hydrating green tea.

With over 1,700 stores already open around the world, the brand says they want their new space in Yorkdale to feel unique for Canadians. “This is an open and playful space for those who are passionate about sustainability and nature-inspired beauty products that fit within their lifestyle. Whatever their needs are, we will help them find solutions that will work for them,” added Min-Chul Shin, Canada brand general manager for Innisfree, in a press release.

In the boutique, customers will be free to experiment with products, discover the natural ingredients the brand uses in different curated zones and learn ways to be kinder to the environment (including Innisfree’s recycling program). There will also be a lounge area that will hold events and workshops.

To add to your shopping list? Their super popular, lightweight Intensive Hydrating Serum with Green Tea Seed promises intense hydration for all skin types, while the K-Beauty favourite Pore Clearing Clay Mousse Mask 2x with Super Volcanic Clusters uses the naturally porous, mineral-packed clusters to absorb excess oil.