Travellers currently exploring the Iberian Peninsula, rejoice! To escape the crowds and the heat for a few moments in Spain, nothing beats a trip to the magnificent spa in the Mandarin Oriental hotel, to enjoy an exclusive Céla treatment by Celine Tadrissi – the inspiring founder who now divides her time between Toronto and Barcelona, after having fallen completely under the spell of this great European city.

The Canadian brand, which offers a range of creams, balms and exfoliants based on northern plants from Spain (with ingredients sourced in Canada), has set up shop in Barcelona for a few weeks to offer clients at the Mandarin Oriental spa a refreshing treatment, perfect for summer. The treatment, which combines exfoliation and body hydration, heals us with the help of aromatherapy; Choose between the rich coffee of the Black Gold scrub and the exotic Seed to Skin scrub, for your desired aroma. The skin is thoroughly exfoliated before being refined with a horsehair glove. After a quick shower (say goodbye to all your dead skin!) the specialist applies a moisturizer (Crème Rose or Crème de la Crème, depending on our preference) from shoulder to toe with a gentle or vigorous massage to activate our circulation, loosen our muscles and simply relax us.

Leave the relaxing treatment room with baby soft skin that’s well moisturized and subtly scented. Head to the relaxation room, for a tea and a small snack in the zen and subdued atmosphere of the spa. Top tip: You can enjoy the Mandarin Oriental’s spa facilities at your leisure – before or after your treatment – which include a large sauna and a saltwater pool.

Afterwards, you’ll feel invigorated, ready to continue your visit in the great Spanish city. Grab a paella and a glass of vino tinto, to end the day well.


Black Gold Scrub

Price: $46


Seed to Skin Scrub

Price: $42


Crème Rose Body Lotion

Price: $39


The Céla x Mandarin Oriental Barcelona pop-up ends on July 31 2022. To enjoy this treatment a little closer to home, visit the two renowned Hammam Spa by Céla locations in Toronto.

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