L’Oréal Paris just released their latest Youth Code Skin-Strengthening serum that does the job of anti-aging better than ever. Named Canada’s top serum brand, the product minimizes the look of pores by hydrating and smoothening its texture. It’s also more than compatible with people who may have sensitive skin. Perfect for use all day and night, the serum is also made with probiotic ferments to strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier by finding its way back to healthy bacteria. It’s lightweight, fast-absorbing, and non-comedogenic. We chat with beauty influencer Gurnaz Sandhu to find out about some of her fav products and people in the beauty world and in her own life as well.

In love, you admire: Fidelity and respect.

Your favourite beauty brands: L’Oréal Paris must be one of my top favourites because they have a great range of quality and affordable beauty products. They were one of the first lines I purchased when I was getting started with my makeup journey.

The flaw you don’t forgive: Dishonesty, especially when you ask who ate the last slice of your pizza….

You never leave home without: Having a cup of real cha! I need cha every morning to stay awake. I think it gives me my personality.

Your favourite B.C. restaurant: I think currently I’d say Bin 4 Burger Lounge. They’ve got so many burger options to choose from!

Your small gesture to sustainable beauty: I always show my support for the cause by purchasing and supporting sustainable products and businesses!

My favourite beauty product: I would have to say blush! It just adds so much dimension to the face and instantly makes you look youthful and healthy. I like wearing it on my whole cheek and all over my nose for a cute sun-kissed look.

Right now, you’d like to be: Booked and busy and cast in the next superhero movie that gets released. How cool would it be to have a female south Asian superhero? I mean…think about it.

Your go-to morning beauty routine: I start off my day by sitting in bed and making a mental list of things I’m grateful for. This sets my energy for the day. I then hydrate my body and wash my face with cold water to wake myself up. I exfoliate if I feel the need to and then go in with moisturizer and eye cream. I do a quick facial massage and finish off with sunscreen. Then I play some Punjabi tunes and start my makeup routine. I go with the flow and match my makeup to my outfit or my mood. It turns out different every time, and that’s what I love about it!

My friends would say that I’m: Kind, ambitious, an optimist, and a little annoying for making TikToks when I’m in public with them!

Your latest discovery of a B.C. gem: Victoria. It’s a little city with a great vibe and good food!

Your essential beauty product: Lipstick! Classic but crucial. Dab some on your lips for some colour, and some on your cheeks for a flush of life.

Current fave brands for lipsticks: L’Oréal Paris, MAC, Huda Beauty, and so many more!

The last text you received: “Bruh, 50 dollars?”

The beauty product(s) that gave you amazing results: L’Oréal Paris Youth Code Skin Strengthening Serum. It’s been my go-to because I used to have dull textured skin. It minimizes my texture and gives a really nice hydrated glow to the face. Also a great base under makeup! I also love a few more like MACKSTACK Mascara and NARS light-reflecting foundation.

Your favourite swear word: Haha I don’t cuss a lot because I try to keep my content family friendly!

Best thing about B.C. most people don’t know about: Even if you’re living in the city, you’re always a short drive away from some beautiful nature.

The cause that mobilizes you: Spreading kindness because you never know what something is going through. That’s why also normalizing mental health awareness is also so important to me. I believe it needs to be destigmatized, especially in the Desi community.

The advice you wish you had received 10 years ago: Know your worth. You deserve the world, and nothing less. Don’t let any unhappy people make you feel small, helpless, and weak. Your dreams are valid and so are you.

The beauty trend you’re obsessed with. Thick natural brows. Growing up as a brown girl, I had a lot of hair….everywhere! Thick brows becoming trendy was a win for 13-year-old Gurnaz!

At the aperitif, you order: I don’t drink, so my go-to drink whenever is a virgin mojito!

The smell that moves you the most: Petrichor. The smell of the earth after a rainfall just makes you feel like the main character. Another scent that moves me is in the kitchen and the smell of aloo paratha, an Indian stuffed tortilla with potatoes and spices.

Your favourite beauty influencer: One of my favourites right now is Mikayla Nogueira on TikTok! She’s knowledgeable, funny, and genuine!

The person who inspires you the most: My mother. Her resilience, kindness, and strength inspire me every day. She’s the reason I’ve come this far.

If you could invite people, living or dead, for a memorable meal: Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson. The day I get to be in his presence, I’ll know I’ve made it. His work ethic and success despite his humble beginning never fail to inspire me.


Youth Code Skin Strengthening Face Serum, L’Oréal Paris

Price: $39