Mother Nature has a love/hate relationship with our skin. In the winter, we struggle with dryness, itching, and flaky patches. In the spring, our skin begins to perk up with more natural oils, a brighter complexion and a softer finish. But
flawless spring skin always needs a little help. Shed your winter skin in favour of a fresh, healthy glow using these expert skin care tips from Natalie Perger, Lead Skin Care Trainer for Éminence Organics. (You might just beat Mother Nature at her own game this year.)

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Give your skin care regime a spring cleaning

First thing’s first. If you’re going to prep for fresh, glowing skin, it’s time to do a little spring cleaning. “Women should avoid the use of expired skin care products from the year before. This is especially an issue with SPF protection,” says Perger. “Spring is the perfect time to look through all of your products and swap items that need replacing.” Toss out anything with an old expiration date and stock up on brand new skin care necessities, like SPF, toner, face spray and
tinted moisturizer.


It’s no secret that sloughing off winter’s dry skin is key to unveiling a radiant spring glow. “With cold dry air comes dry, flaky skin. Therefore, spring is a good time to step up how often you exfoliate as your skin tends to accumulate dead skin cells over the colder months,” adds Perger. Using a great body, face or foot scrub twice a week from March to May will give you the polished skin you want.

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Switch to a light-weight moisturizer

During the chilly winter months, our skin needs an extra boost of hydration, hence the need for
creamy foundations and heavy moisturizers. However, with warm spring weather, you need to alter your daily regimen with lighter formulas. “With the change in weather we also need to adjust the care for our skin. Key changes to note are to choose a lighter moisturizer with hydrating benefits for glowing skin,” Perger says. Also lighten up on your foundation load, primer and concealer for spring.

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winter-spring-skin-care-2.jpgIncrease your SPF usage
With the shorter days of winter giving way to the longer, sun-filled days of spring, shielding your skin from UVA/UVB rays is imperative. “Even though sunscreen is important in the winter, spring brings more sunlight exposure so it’s very important to ensure you have a good SPF. For those of us who like a bit of coverage, lighter SPF foundations are recommended,” says Perger. Whether you wear an actual sunscreen or face product with sun protection benefits, amping up your level of SPF works wonders on transitional skin.

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Spa/dermatology treatments to book now
Everyone loves a trip to their favourite spa, especially if it means receiving a relaxing skin care treatment for spring. “Since exfoliation is key to having a great complexion and a higher absorption rate for gentler products, booking a natural enzyme peel series with you esthetician is ideal,” says Perger. “You will also receive the best prescription for your at-home care. These treatments are wonderful to have each time the seasons change.” Visit your esthetician/derm every four to six weeks starting in February and book a facial once a month for glowing skin with optimal results.


More transition skin care products to try
Glowing skin doesn’t happen over night. Slowly introducing new products to your daily skin care routine (beginning when the clocks jump ahead in March) can help ease your transition from winter to spring. “Adding a face serum that can be applied either day or night before your moisturizer helps protect against potential pigmentation brought on by the warmer weather. Ensuring that you have a good SPF moisturizer and 2-in-1 products are also great, like an exfoliating cleanser,” asserts Perger.

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