The heat of summer is calling us to pull our hair back and ditch the heavy layers of makeup. But before we swing our hair into a sock bun, we want our skin to be in ideal form — not an easy feat because with the heatwaves come conditions that can be less than ideal (dry skin, burns, breakouts, shine. Sigh.). But flawless skin can still be yours with the help of a skin care routine that protects you from the damage of overexposure to the sun and summer’s elements. We checked in with Dr. Anatoli Freiman, Dermatologist & Medical Director of the Toronto Dermatology Centre, to find out the prescription for perfectly glowing,
healthy summer skin.

Summertime skin care concerns:

Breakouts and dryness

According to Dr. Freiman, your skin flare-ups are usually directly related to summertime heat. “The heat causes more sweating,” he says. “Due to the sun and heat, we lose a lot of moisture and water from our body, thus leading to skin dryness.”

Breakouts are another common summertime skin complaint. Increased sweating can cause skin irritation by clogging pores. And “applying thick sunscreen can lead to more breakouts,” says Dr. Freiman.

Fight back:

– H2O is your best friend … drink plenty of it

– Eat a healthy diet, including foods that are high in antioxidants

Wear sunscreen, sun-protective clothing and good sunglasses (make sure your Gucci shades don’t just look amazing, but they also shield the sun’s rays

– Hydrate and moisturize your skin

– Toss your regular foundation and switch to lighter versions, or a tinted moisturizer

– Avoid the sun during peak hours

– Don’t go to tanning salons to get a ‘base tan’


Anyone who has ever struggled with breakouts before knows that unfortunately, there isn’t one magic solution to the problem. A combination of hydration, a healthy diet and a proper cleansing routine all contribute to calming flare-ups. To prevent summertime breakouts, Dr. Freiman says to follow this simple routine: Cleanse in the morning, then apply sunscreen; in the evening, cleanse and exfoliate. He also suggests changing up the products you’re using on your skin. His advice: Use a noncomedogenic sunscreen, lighter makeup and cleanse skin using an exfoliating agent to slough away dry, dead skin. To prevent dryness in your skin, hydration is key. Drink lots of water and be vigilant with your moisturizing routine. Dr. Freiman also suggests rinsing your skin immediately after swimming in a pool; the exposure to chlorine can have a drying effect on your skin.

You have the skin care routine covered, now learn how to get the perfect summer makeup look on the next page …
Summertime makeup

Flawless summer skin isn’t just about your cleansing routine. Admit it, a little makeup goes a long way! But how do you keep your makeup looking fresh and fabulous under the blazing summer sun? “Back away from heavy foundations, concealers and powders during the hot humid months,” says M∙A∙C Cosmetics Senior Artist Melissa Gibson. “Keep your brushes clean and keep to minimal makeup. You just end up sweating it off!”

How to combat shine

Shine can’t be helped when it’s hot outside but you can keep it to a minimum. The easiest way to keep shine down on a humid day is to start with a face primer, says Gibson. “It helps to slightly mattify, as well as leaving the skin looking smooth.” It’s also easier to use less foundation once you’ve applied a primer, she says. But more importantly: “Shine can be your friend – as long as you have a glow and not a greasy finish!” she says. And if you’re concerned about making your makeup last all day, Gibson says to stick to long-wearing products so that minimal touching up is needed. “Also, switch to a
waterproof mascara so that you’re not seeing it halfway down your face by midday.”

Makeup bag essentials

To perfect your simple but stunning summertime makeup look, Gibson recommends having your makeup bag stocked with:

– face primer

– sunscreen

cream blushes

– waterproof mascara

– M∙A∙C Pro Longwear Lipcreme

Dos and don’ts for summertime makeup

Gibson offers up these tips to ensure your summertime makeup

DO cleanse your skin at least twice a day.

DON’T forget to keep sunscreen handy at all times. Protect that face!

DO wear long wear products as much as possible.

DON’T do wall-to-wall foundation. Just use concealer where you need it.

DON’T keep your cosmetics in the car. They will melt.

DO use a primer for
flawless skin and minimal make up.

DON’T use all the same products you normally use in the winter; go lighter!

DO add a shot of bright colour to brighten up your make up routine.

DON’T use too much in the way of powder; it can separate and make makeup visible on the face.

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