Giving yourself a complete skin makeover in less than one week is an intense, though not impossible, beauty feat that you can start right now. And while it may not be enough time to achieve flawless, glowing skin before a date night or formal event, you can still adjust your skin care routine and habits for your brightest complexion yet.

We chatted with Helena Rosenberg, lead esthetician at The Spa at the Hazelton Hotel in Toronto, for her expert tips on how to get beautifully glowing skin— in under five days.

A skin makeover in three to five days

It’s possible to rejuvenate the appearance of skin in just three to five days, but it’s an intense treatment that requires a twice-daily commitment to skin care. Start by consulting a skin care specialist who can recommend the best products for your skin needs and issues, says Rosenberg.

Best skin care products: CLEANSING WATERS

For the best results, build up a separate morning and nighttime skin care routine. Invest in a gentle cleanser rich in skin-clearing antioxidants—think green tea extract, which will purify pires and acts as an anti-inflammatory for the complexion (we recommend Clarisonic Gentle Hydro Cleanser).

Key ingredients to look for? “Coconut oil is very hydrating and calming for your skin,” says Rosenberg. Then there’s also ginseng extract, which has an oxygenating and toning effect, and lactic acid, a natural moisturizing component with a hydrating capacity.

In the morning, follow that up with a deep-cleansing scrub to slough away any dead skin cells on the surface for bright start to your day. “Your pores will breathe, so your skin will look better too,” says Rosenberg.

She recommends Valmont Reviving Biological Scrub, enriched with lipopeptide. “It reinforces microcirculation and enzymes which eliminate dead cells.” After cleansing and exfoliating, apply a face serum. “Serum prepares skin to allow your moisturizer to penetrate better,” she says.

DULL SKIN BOOSTERS: Skin care and makeup tips

How to get glowing skin the night before your big event on the next page…

skin-makeover-page-two.jpgHydrate skin with your favourite face moisturizer, enriched with a “cocktail of vitamins” that will work to energize and oxygenate pores for a fresh, youthful-looking appearance. And make sure to apply skin care products at least 20 to 30 minutes prior to heading out the door, otherwise the freshly applied products will evaporate into the air.

To switch up your routine at night, apply a renewing face mask after cleansing and exfoliating the skin, for an instant boost in the morning (try Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask). “Our goal is to look good in three to five days, so I would use it everyday to see the difference,” says Rosenberg. “Then reduce it to one to three times per week.”

Beauty secrets: The best FACE OIL

Of course, to help speed up the process to better-looking skin, faster, you could always book yourself a detox massage treatment, which helps drain toxins from the body and improve the overall appearance of your complexion.

The night before
Before heading to bed on the night before a date or a wedding you’re attending, focus on gently purifying the skin—no harsh scrubbing or extraction treatments. “It is not recommended because it may cause your skin to break out,” says Rosenberg. “But you can have a nice facial.” As long as it is gentle and doesn’t aggravate the skin.

Cleanse skin and apply your night cream before heading to bed (again, ensure that product is fully absorbed into your skin so it doesn’t wipe off on your pillow). It’s also a good time to try an eye collagen mask that contains green tea extract, which helps to minimize dark circles.

Morning of your big event

Simply apply toner to the skin once you wake up. “You don’t have to wash it again because you haven’t been outside,” says Rosenberg. Follow up with a collagen face mask, toner, and a moisturizer—preferably one that contains SPF—and you’re ready for your day.


While you’ve put in the beauty prep work to get fresh, glowing skin, it’s all about balancing it out with proper lifestyle habits to maintain a healthy complexion. Throughout your day, “stay well hydrated,” says Rosenberg (and no, a fruity cocktail doesn’t count). In fact, “liquor and wine aren’t good for the skin,” she adds. “Alcohol dries it out.” And the early signs of dehydration appear immediately in the face. As for keeping healthy habits for vanity’s sake, “don’t smoke,” says Rosenberg. “And have good genes.”

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