Want to look picture-perfect? Here are some fabulous tips, courtesy of April Jacob, founder and creator of Pink Beauty, to get your glam on!

Seduce with sexy shimmering eyes. Start with a wash of a neutral beige eye shadow applied all over the lid. Next apply a shimmer eye shadow to the lid and blend into the crease. Finish by applying a dark line along the top of your lash line. For maximum glamour, line lids with a black liquid liner.

Max it out with lengthy lashes. Thicken lashes by using mascara that will add volume and length. Apply the mascara to the base of the lash and use a zig-zag motion to get mascara from root to tip. This technique allows the wand to grab, separate and fatten each hair giving you the look of faux lashes! Apply 3-4 coats. For true Hollywood glamour, give false lashes a try!

Get the glow with soft flushed cheeks. Apply a sheer rosy blush to the apples of cheeks and blend out towards hairline. This gives you that natural soft glow and will balance the rest of the makeup. Use a tissue to remove any excess or brush a sheer layer of translucent powder to soften the look even more.

Perfect your pout. Make sure your lips are well-hydrated and conditioned with lip balm before applying colour first. An easy way to find your most flattering shade of lipstick is by selecting a colour closest to your own natural lip colour. Apply a thin layer of lipstick, blot most of the colour off and reapply. This layering technique will ensure the colour will still be there long after your lipstick has worn off, allowing for minimum touch ups.

Pucker up for the close-up. Add gloss on top of lipstick for an extra hit of irresistibility! For maximum staying power, be sure to choose a formulation that is light weight, not one that is heavy or sticky. Lip Gloss creates high shine giving you fuller lips and always adds instant glamour — just what’s needed for your red carpet close-up!


La-Di-Da Eye Splendor Shadow
Lavish Lash Extravagance Mascara
Allure Cream Radiance Rouge
Abigail Luscious Lip Sheer
Glitz Lip Scintillate Lip Gloss