rag-and-bone-hair-frontImages courtesy of ImaxTree.com

Think of your next take on the pony/bun hybrid this way: Pull your hair back loosely in a semi
ponytail/bun, let pieces stick out and sleep on it. That’s the effect that Paul Hanlon for Schwarzkopf Professional created for
Rag & Bone’s fall 2014 hair look that he dubbed the urban sports knot. “It’s more of a street style,” he explains. “It’s not meant to be glamourous. Like dreadlocks, but not that rough.” It’s slightly edgier than the label is used to, but with the masculine pieces going down the runway, it worked. “What I love about this label is that it really appeals to girls on the street, it’s not like a pretentious thing,” explains Hanlon. “They’ve gone a little step further each and every show in terms of hair and makeup.” “There’s a little bit of Fred Astaire, a little bit of the ‘50s in the hair, that sort of masculine thing in the front, but it’s also got to still feel like believable even if it is a bit edgy and
a bit punky.” Here’s how Hanlon got that dreadlock-street edge, minus the actual dreadlocks.