With the many collars and overall fit of coats and jackets, creating a hair look for
Soia & Kyo presents a different challenge compared to other collections, says Denis Binet, Pantene consulting stylist and Creative Director for hair for MFW. Add to that a few changes of mind from Soia & Kyo. "Initially she wanted a high ponytail, and then
voluminous waves and now she just changed her mind again!" he says, giving the designer a good-natured hug. As we chat as he pretends to be exasperated. He’s holding a pic of the final hair look she’s chosen:
big curls with much volume, and he’s been asked to make it look big and ‘cottony.’ It won’t get that big when working with dry hair, says Denis, but he does what he can to super-size hair with a large-barrel curling iron, lots of Pantene Mousse for Fine Hair and Hairspray for Curly Hair–leaving hair pinned until moments before the models hit the runway to ensure it’s as bouncy and voluminous as possible on the catwalk.