Day 3 at MFW included some looks that went for more drama, including the unique hairstyle and heavy eye makeup at Samuel Dong.

To go with the theatrical, royal collection from Samuel Dong was equally extravagant makeup look.
The eyes were the main focus; Amelie Ducharme, Cover Girl Makeup Pro, created the look using Cover Girl Liquidline Blast in blue to draw in the shape. The line comes to a rounded outer corner, as though done with a blunt pencil so the look appeared as though the models had done their own makeup. Once the shape was penciled on, she applied eyeshadow in Shimmering Onyx overtop; it was also used on the outer third of the lower lashes, too. Lashes were played  up with 24 Hours Lash Blast mascara in black (top and bottom lashes).
The brows, however, were downplayed by washing them out slightly using Simply Ageless concealer. On the lips, Ducharme applied Lip Perfection lip liner in Sophisticated 220, followed by Lip Perfection lipstick in Embrace 335. Then to give the lips the look of more volume, she added a highlight in the middle of the lips in Lip Perfection lipstick in Hot 305.

As for the hair, Denis Binet explains that Dong often likes there to be two textures in the hair look, in this case controlled and sleek. To start this look, Binet applied Pantene Classic gel directly from the tube onto the scalp. Then, using a comb, he combed the gel from the roots into the first few inches of hair then pulled the hair into a high,
smooth ponytail, leaving a triangular section of hair at the front out of the ponytail. Using a large barrel curling iron on low heat, he wound this section of hair around the iron and left it for 60 seconds. Releasing this curl from the into into his palm, he then sprayed the piece with Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity, then inserted the plastic cap from the top of a can of mousse into the curl and bobby pinned it into place. It was placed there simply to hold the curl, but the label’s stylist saw it and insisted Binet leave the plastic tops in the front bang for the runway show, which had the hair team MacGyver-ing the hair product caps, slicing off the closes ends of mousse and hairspray covers.
What do you think of these looks? Would you wear your hair or makeup in this way?