Who hasn’t had a mascara mishap in their day? (If you say "no, never," we’re going to assume you’re in beauty denial). A smudge here, never ending clumps and the dreaded runny mascara are not quite the beauty look we’re going for, but some how they always manage to sneak up on us during the
mascara application process. That’s why, friends, we enlisted the help of some of our most trusted go-to makeup artists (a.k.a a girl’s BFF) for mascara tips that will never flounder, fail or leave us looking anything but wide-eyed and refreshed. Read on for 10 beauty-changing mascara tips.


1. Curl, then coat

“Always curl lashes BEFORE applying mascara,” says Grace Lee Maybelline New York Lead Makeup Artist Canada. “Curling after mascara application might lead to ripped, pulled and kinked lashes, plus a very dirty
eye lash curler.” And none of us want that.

2. Switch it up

Don’t marry yourself to one mascara formula advises Sara Whittaker National Education Director for Clinque. “Build a mascara wardrobe for creating different eye looks depending on your preference. Try a lengthening formula for a
flirty eye look, or a thickening formula for a more dramatic effect.”

3. Pump no more

Mascara application myth: the more mascara the better. Not so. There’s no need to pump the wand in and out of the tube trying to get more product, ladies. “It dries out the product,” explains Lee. “Also, when pulling out the wand, remove excess on the sides to minimize too much product and clumping. Too much product usually leads to clumping!”

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4. Save your old brushes

“Clean and save an old mascara brush as a tool to help comb through lashes before applying mascara, and during application to help shape and separate lashes,” suggests Whittaker.

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5. Start at the base and work your way to the lash tips

“Always start at the base of the lash line and wiggle upwards and outwards,” advises Lee. “Don’t forget the little lashes at the corners of the eyes. Coating these lashes will help open up the eyes and making them look bigger!”

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6. Lengthen it up

“To create maximum length, place your mirror flat on your vanity and look down to apply your mascara,” advises Whittaker. “This will help ensure that the brush is reaching the very base of your lashes as you comb all the way through to the tips.”

7. Keep an eye on that expiration date

Tired of flaky mascara always ruining your look by afternoon? Check how old your mascara really is (one of Lee’s top mascara tips). “Replace your mascara within 3-6 months after opening. You will also know when it’s time when it starts to smell funny and it gets drier. A drier formulation leads to flakiness!” she says.

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8. A little extra time means a flawless application

Even if you only have five minutes to get from shower to office-ready, one of the biggest mascara tips is to take your time. “Don’t rush the brush – take the time to apply, and let product dry between coats,” Whittaker says to help achieve that
perfect mascara application.

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