True makeup artists know the importance of building from the ground up. Set the stage for your full-face makeup routine with these 10 makeup tips on how to apply foundation for a blemish-free, youthful complexion. Maxime Poulin, International Makeup Artist for Guerlain, and Leslie Ann Iddison, Regional Trainer for Clarins Canada reveal their 10 most important foundation makeup tips to follow for flawless, radiant skin coverage this summer.


1. Prim and prime the skin
Before you apply foundation, begin with a primer as a base coat to prep your face for dewy, radiant skin. “It smoothes the skin texture, helps your foundation to last longer, the colour to stay true, the application to be more even and makes your skin appear more luminescent,” says Poulin. “It really helps binding the liquid makeup to your skin for a long lasting, flawless finish and it makes you look more natural.”

2. Foundations with benefits
There’s no reason why foundation should be just another cosmetic you use without a bonus. “Most of us wear foundation throughout the entire day so this product should offer your skin more than just makeup. Think about using a foundation that boosts hydration or has a built-in SPF,” says Iddison.

3. Be in tune with nature
We’re Canadian girls—meaning we have to adjust our foundation to ready our skin for the rotating seasons. Lighten your foundation during the summer months and add a little more product (plus a moisturizer) for winter. “The skin is exposed to all kinds of weather, and what looks and feels good in -30 will not be appropriate in the midst of summer when it gets hot and sticky,” says Poulin.

4. Don’t go to bed angry—or with your foundation
This may seem like a no brainer, but we all need a little reminder about one of the most important makeup tips—the necessity of removing makeup at night for healthy, radiant skin. “Don’t go to bed with your foundation on, no matter how tired you are,” says Iddison. “Always be sure to use a high quality cleansing product to remove all traces of foundation at the end of the day.”

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5. Be a foundation hoarder

Collect different foundations for your makeup arsenal to suit your daily activities and to maintain a natural skin tone. “Foundations aren’t one-size-fits-all. Have different foundations for different purposes, such as a long-wearing product for the work week, a light-weight product for casual days or a full-coverage product for when you want your skin to look completely flawless,” says Iddison.

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foundation-rules-article-0002.jpg6. Go on a shopping spree
Purchasing a low-end nail polish or lip colour is one thing, but finding the best foundation for radiant skin is a different story. “The foundation is the one item you should always splurge on. It is the one that covers your entire face so you should always go for the best formula out there for your skin,” says Poulin.

7. Give it a test drive
We all do it—secretly wipe a swatch of the newest foundation on our arm at the drugstore. “Always try to get the best colour match possible. Make sure that you test the colour on your jawline—not your wrist—before you purchase the product,” says Iddison. This will give you an accurate reading of the best shade for your skin type.


8. It’s all about the colour
When testing a new foundation, make sure the product is just a bit lighter than your skin tone. “Nothing is more ageing than a foundation which is darker than your complexion. When you choose a dark foundation it removes the glow from your skin and makes you look older, erases the features and makes you look flat,” says Poulin.

9. A layer or two will do
To guarantee pretty, matte skin, avoid piling on the layers and making it obvious you’ve applied foundation. “This will make it look like you’re wearing a mask. There are many high quality foundations on the market that are light-weight yet provide great coverage,” says Iddison.

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10. Be ready for your close-up all day long
Be sure to bring a compact to reapply foundation when you’re on the go to keep your complexion fresh and polished. “No matter how long lasting, nobody stays fabulous all day long without a minimal oh-so-elegant touch up at lunch time and after work before the happy hour,” says Poulin.

There you have it—10 rules to help you apply foundation better and to set you on your way to immaculate, radiant skin this summer.

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