Today, beauty behemoth M.A.C Cosmetics has released a first look at two products from their highly anticipated makeup collection inspired by ’90s R&B phenom, Aaliyah: a brownish nude lipstick and an eyeshadow palette with deep metallic and neutral shades. 

M.A.C hasn’t released the name of either product yet, but asked fans to guess which song and music video, respectively inspired the shades; at the time this was published, One In A Million seemed to be winning for the lipstick, and it was too soon to tell for the shadows. 

In the vein of other recent highly secretive makeup lines, we are allowed to tell you exactly the following information at this time: 

1. The collection is 100% happening.

First things first: This is real. M.A.C confirmed that the collection, which started off as a petition on (it racked up a casual 26,000 odd signatures), was indeed happening back in August of last year.

2. There are confirmed launch dates. 

The collection, which M.A.C says is “influenced by [Aaliyah’s] groundbreaking work in music and film,” will be available to Canadians online as of June 20 and in stores on June 21.

3.  ELLE Canada has the exclusive. 

We spoke with Aaliyah’s older brother Rashad Haughton, who worked closely with M.A.C to design the “’90s-glam” collection. Pick up a copy of ELLE Canada’s July/August issue, out mid-June, to hear what he had to say about the creation process and more.