Our recent beauty adventure with Irene Kim, model and guest editor of The Estée Edit, began in Toronto with the opening of the largest Sephora store in North America. Celebrations for the new 10,000+ square-foot space included a choreographed dance routine to “Spice Up Your Life” (see below). So needless to say, things were off to a good start. 


Because no beauty adventure is complete without a challenge, we invited Irene into the ELLE Canada Closet to ask her skill-testing beauty/life questions such as: 

  • Do you like Drake better than Justin Bieber?
  • How is Snow different than Snapchat? 
  • Can you put on mascara without opening your mouth? (Spoiler: you cannot. Everyone does this. But we tried anyway.)

For the answers to these questions and more, watch the video below.