The best beauty looks from PFW Fall 2018

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The makeup looks of note from Paris Fashion Week fall/winter 2018. 

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    Dries Van Noten

    The show: Dries Van Noten
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    Haider Ackerman

    The artist: Inge Grognard for M.A.C Cosmetics
    The look: “The Haider woman has clean glowing skin, angular angles and touches of sheen.”
    The makeup: M.A.C Mineralize Charge Water Face and Body Lotion was used on the face to soften and hydrate skin. The brand's Hyper Real Glow Palette/Flash + Awe in Rosy Glow was applied over the cheekbone to highlight skin followed by Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Groundwork under the cheekbone as an ash-toned contour.
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    Off White

    The show: Off White
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    Ann Demeulemeester

    The artist: Lynsey Alexander for M.A.C Cosmetics
    The look: “Sleepy Hollow. The girls are delicate but slightly spooky.”
    The makeup: MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Soft Frost was applied on the high planes of the face for a “moonlit-from-within” effect. The Pro Eye Palette:The Dame in Turn Off The Lights was swept softly across the lids in thin layers to create a hazy, smoky feel to the eyes.
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    The show: Dior
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    John Galliano

    The artist: Christelle Cocquet for M.A.C Cosmetics
    The look: “A fresh masterpiece of radiant skin.”
    The makeup: A swipe of M.A.C Mixing Medium Shine over the eyelids to add shine.
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    The artist: Carole Colombani for M.A.C Cosmetics
    The look: “Longitude blush.”
    The makeup: A mix of M.A.C Pro Eye Palette: The Dame in Turn Off The Lights and Dame’d If I Do was applied along the bottom lash line to add dimension. M.A.C Pro Eye Palette: The Romantic in Romantically Inclined was blended across the cheeks, above the eyelids, and down the sides of the face to mimic skin on a cold day.
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    Elie Saab

    The show: Elie Saab
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    Giambattista Valli

    The look: “Glitter punk.”
    The makeup: Eight models had M.A.C Mixing Medium Shine applied to the face before adhering a mixture of M.A.C Glitter in Pink and Iridescent White (available this spring).
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    Stella McCartney

    The show: Stella McCartney
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    The look: “From romantic to disco to punk.”
    The makeup: M.A.C Eye Shadow in Indian Ink was swept across the lid followed by a mix of  Plumage and Lime eyeshadows along the lower lash line. Peachstock lipstick was used on the lips for a neutral, peachy-beige lip.
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    Issey Miyake

    The artist: Alex Box for M.A.C Cosmetics
    The look: “A cool poetic-feeling flower uncurling to the sun.”
    The makeup: M.A.C Pro Eye Palette: The Social Climber in Namedropper and Be A Little Naughty were blended over crease of the eye and the lower lash line to add dimension. A mixture of M.A.C Pro Eye Palette: The Silly One in Baby Me Pink and The Silly One was applied to the upper cheekbones and followed by M.A.C Mineralize blush in Bubbles, Please (available this spring) on the cheeks.
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    Thom Browne

    The show: Thom Browne
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    The artist: Thomas de Kluyver for M.A.C Cosmetics
    The look: “Ten different girls with ten different looks: a teenager experimenting with makeup and not feeling beautiful; it’s not about perfect, but about what people do every day. Fun and playful makeup as a fashion accessory.”
    The makeup: M.A.C Eye Pencil in Ebony was applied along the lower waterline and into the lash roots followed by a small design of winged-out shapes along the bottom of the eye using M.A.C Brushstroke liner in Brushblack.
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    The show: Kenzo
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    Saint Laurent

    The artist: Tom Pecheux for YSL Beauty
    The look: “Powerful. Ultra feminine. Individual. The very definition of natural beauty. This look is the result of a creative exchange with Anthony and the natural continuation of what Saint Laurent has done in the past and yet it is also an evolution, a look into the future.”
    The makeup: YSL Couture Chalks–Le Noir was used on the eyes to create a graphic punk cat eye look followed by a bit of YSL Beauty Couture Palette No.1 Tuxedo for a greyish silver effect on the inner corners of the eye.
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    Anais Jourden

    The show: Anais Jourden
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    Thom Browne

    The artist: Diane Kendal for M.A.C Cosmetics
    The look: “Haunting 18th-century beauties.”
    The makeup: To add dimension, Kendal sculpted the contours of each model’s face using a combination of dark brown M.A.C Eye Shadows in Mystery to define and M.A.C Paintstick in Pure White to highlight the top of the cheekbone, the arch of the brow, and down the nose.
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    Lutz Huelle

    The artist: Terry Barber for M.A.C Cosmetics
    The look: “Purity paired with a tough pink liner, a new wave shape that creates a foil flash of light to the eye.”
    The makeup: M.A.C Pigment in Gold Medium was applied around the eye in layers to create an opaque metallic finish.
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    Sonia Rykiel

    The show: Sonia Rykiel
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    Manish Arora

    The artist: Kabuki for M.A.C Cosmetics
    The look: “A zen rock garden.”
    The makeup: A customized mixture of M.A.C Studio Face and Body Foundation in White and Acrylic Paint in Pure White was applied over a plastic stencil with a beautyblender to create a transparent design on the face. For the geisha-inspired lips, Kabuki mixed M.A.C Lipsticks in Lady Danger and Morange.
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    The show: Givenchy
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    Rick Owens

    The artist: Sammy Mourabit for M.A.C Cosmetics
    The look: “Two different looks inspired by female anti-seduction and individuality.”
    The makeup: For the first look, Mourabit used M.A.C Studio Face and Body Foundation to create a natural-looking texture to the skin and set with M.A.C Set Powder in Invisible. For the second look, Mourabit applied M.A.C Chromaline in Pure White over the eyelid followed by M.A.C Eye Kohl in Fascinating for a matte white effect.
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    Vivienne Westwood

    The look: “Bad punk makeup.”
    The makeup: Every model received a custom makeup look. M.A.C Brushstroke Liner in Brushblack and M.A.C Acrylic Paints were used to create different punk-inspired graphic shapes on the eyes including triangles, hearts, circles and more.
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